I played keyboards and guitars on more than 100 albums, including about 20 albums that were recorded during the 6 months that I was the staff musician at a studio in Sweden. This page contains credits from five albums that I think are interesting, because some of the musicians went on to bigger and better things.
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This is the album cover for a band called "Rox". Snuffy Walden went on to write the themes to "West Wing", "Thirtysomething", and "Wonder Years".

Credits for the Village People album "Renaissance". Howard Epstein went on to play bass for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Billy Zoom played guitar for "X". Annette Zilinskas played bass for the Bangles. Pleasant Gehman jammed with just about every punk band in L.A., including the GoGos.

ABOVE: One of the albums I did in Sweden, for an artist named Pontus Platin. "blasarrangemang" means "horn arranger".

LEFT: Credits for David London, who went on to sing for Toto, and Richard Page was the singer for Mr. Mister.
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