I was the original keyboardist for Oingo Boingo. It was incredibly exciting to see the band evolve from playing bowling alleys and skating rinks, to become one of the most popular bands in Los Angeles. When KROQ began playing "Only A Lad", the lines suddenly got longer at every show. Even though I've played with many bands that sold a lot more records, people are most impressed by my Oingo Boingo credits.
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Credits for the Oingo Boingo EP: "Only A Lad", "Violent Love", "Ain't This The Life", and "I'm So Bad". It was nice getting a "special thanx" (even though they misspelled my name). Credits for "The Forbidden Zone", the first film that Danny Elfman ever scored. He's done a few more films since then.

The Live Action Chart from February 1980. Oingo Boingo and the Motels were not as popular as the Naughty Sweeties.

The last paragraph of the LA Times review from April 8, 1980 stated that Boingo has "lost considerable appeal", but "still seems more interesting than most Southland hopefuls".

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